Turmeric As A Disease Treatment

Turmeric As A Disease Treatment

Turmeric As A Disease Treatment






Turmeric may be best known as a spice in your mom’s spice cabinet. It has been used for medical purposes in Asia and Indonesia for many centuries treating inflammation and as an anti-oxidant. By virtue of these effects, turmeric intake results in better health for the heart, brain and blood.  And now studies are showing encouraging results using turmeric as a cancer treatment, a team of doctors at UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found the while testing for it’s effects.

Curcumin, the main component in the spice turmeric, suppresses a cell signaling pathway that drives the growth of head and neck cancer, according to a pilot study using human saliva by researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The inhibition of the cell signaling pathway also correlated with reduced expression of a number of pro-inflammatory cytokines, or signaling molecules, in the saliva that promote cancer growth, said Dr. Marilene Wang, a professor of head and neck surgery, Jonsson Cancer Center researcher and senior author of the study.

Make sure you find only high quality turmeric and ingest it as recommended. Turmeric should be take with food and is fat soluble, so refer to these 7 great recipes for ways to include it in your diet and to use Turmeric As A Disease Treatment.

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